WeinArtZone – wine shop in the castle of Traismauer (local)
For private customers in case we are closed or you want to try more of the wines of Traisental
Hauptplatz 1
A-3133 Traismauer

Haas&Haas Wein&Feinkost – Vienna
For private customers
Ertlgasse 4
A-1010 Wien

der Winedealer – Wien
For private customers
Fuchsthallergasse 10/3
A-1090 Wien

Gastronomy, wine trade, wine store

Are you interested in buying and selling our wines and fruit juices for your catering business, your vinotheque or your wine trade? Feel free to get in touch via email, telephone, or visit us at the winery. We look forwart to welcoming you!

Partners in Trade – Austria

Morandell International – all of Austria
Wörgler Boden 13-15 
A-6300 Wörgl

Del Fabro Kolarik – all of Austria
Grillgasse 48 a
A-1110 Wien

Hauptsache Wein – Lower Austria & Vienna
Syrnauer Straße 22-25
A-3910 Zwettl

Weinhandel Wien – Vienna
Inkustrasse 1-7, Obj. 4a
A-3400 Klosterneuburg 

Getränkehaus Krause – Vienna
Wagramer Str. 259
A-Gerasdorf 2201

Gawein Bruckner – Vienna
Althanstraße 12, Frachtenbahnhof Franz Josef
Ladestraße 1, Tor 23
A-1090 Wien

Partners in Trade – International

Turkenburg Tradition
Bodegraven, The Netherlands

Prague, Czech Republic

Weinhandel Dirk Eulenbach
Scheyern, Germany

Dr. Spengler & Partner AG
Zurich, Switzerland

Marchands des Amériques
Québec & Ontaria, Canada

Rinascimento Wine CO.
California, USA