The single vineyard Gaisruck lies north-east of the community of Nußdorf ob der Traisen in the cadastral communities of Neusiedl and Franzhausen. It borders the Ried Hochschopf in the west and was already mentioned under this name in the Franziszeisches Cadastre in 1821.

The flat vineyards are between 210 and 280 meters above sea level, they are terraced and mainly oriented to the east and south-east. Therefore, the grapes can ripen particularly well here. The conglomerate lying under the grey-yellow, mealy loess does not reach the surface here, the rather low vineyard site has a strong, humus-rich loess layer with a balanced chemical and mineralogical composition. Loess is calcareous rock dust (silt) that was blown here in the cold phases of the Ice Age from the then sparsely vegetated Alps and now forms a loamy-sandy, always calcareous and well water-storing soil. Loess gives the wine a full-bodied taste and soft fullness, which nevertheless appears structured, close-meshed and robust due to the lime content. Our Zweigelt achieves full physiological maturity here and can thus develop deliciously juicy fruit. We mature it in barriques and thus give it longevity in elegant perfection.

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