Ried Pletzengraben is located north of the municipality of Inzersdorf ob der Traisen and west of Getzersdorf in a basin. There is documentary evidence that wine has been grown in the Pletzengraben for at least 200 years. The vineyards are laid out on terraces between 296 and 375 meters above sea level, facing south and south-east. You are almost completely surrounded by a protective forest belt, which provides a strong cooling at night. This causes a good expression of nuanced aromas and fine acidity in the grapes, which results in wines of high complexity and freshness.

As in the Brunndoppel vineyard, the conglomerate soil is also barren here, and its water permeability naturally limits the yield. In this way, focused, powerful wines can be created that impress with their spiciness, minerality and fine fruitiness. We cultivate Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Gelber Muskateller and Zweigelt here.

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