The Rosengarten vineyards belong to the municipality of Wagram ob der Traisen and, with 38 hectares of planted vineyards, is one of the largest vineyards in the Traisental. The vineyards are partially terraced, oriented to the north-east, east and south-east and are between 210 and 310 meters above sea level. Immediately to the north of the Riede lies the neighboring Kremstal wine-growing region.

It owes its melodious name to its beautiful location and the occurrence of many wild roses in olden times. As early as 1821 it was registered under its current name in the Franziszeisches Cadastre.

The vines stand on deep, easy-to-work Rigol soil. The uppermost rooted loess sections are often loamy, i.e. more clayey and less calcareous. Below that, calcareous, mica-like loess prevails down to a depth of more than 5 metres.

In addition to elegant Riesling, Grüner Veltliner in particular thrives here, which loves the deep loess with its good water storage capacity. Year after year, we press wines with a strong character from both grape varieties: rich in extract, aromatic and storable

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