The single vineyard Berg belongs to the cadastral municipality of Getzersdorf and lies between the municipal area in the east and a small forest area in the west. Already 200 years ago it was listed under this name in the Franciscan cadastre. The name derives from the monumental appearance of a “real mountain”, which is unique in the region and on which the terraces determine the landscape. With a 25° slope, the Berg site is also one of the steeper vineyards in the Traisental. The soil developed on calcareous conglomerate of the Hollenburg-Karlstetten Formation is barren and has only a thin layer of humus in the upper slope area of ​​the vineyard, in the lower two thirds the conglomerate is covered with loess – ideal growth conditions for our Grüner Veltliner!

In general, the orientation to the east offers perfect conditions for the production of compact, dense wines. In midsummer, the vineyard is already shaded by the neighboring forest from around 4 p.m. Although this allows the grapes a very long physiological ripening phase, the wines never become lush. Due to the shortened summer sunshine, they always retain a pleasant freshness and a cool appearance, are very noble, precise, subtle and elegant and have a very good aging potential.

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